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Chill By Will's new Designer Yoga Pants

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Chill By Will's New Designer Yoga Pants

Finding the right kind of designer yoga pants can sometimes be difficult, how do you stand out, while at the same time have something that can be worn in a number of different ways in a wide variety of places?  At Chill By Will we strive to design cutting edge fashion yoga pants, which are unique, but simultaneously accessible in a number of different environments.  

One of our newest trending designer yoga pant product lines is our Swirl edition love crops.  With their unique aesthetic and hip creative design, it's no surprise the white swirl Love crop is doing so well and trending throughout Southern California.  With this sporty chic look, Chill By Will's new designer swirl edition love crops were even worn by our favorite Anne Hathaway.  

designer yoga pants

Anne Hathaway - Wearing the Signature Designer yoga pants by Chill By Will

With it's gathered waistband, these designer yoga crops fit snuggly on your hips, creating a smoother and softer experience.  These Chill By Will designer yoga pants are also made with 90% supplex and 10% spandex.  Supplex is a comfortable new material, which feels like cotton but retains the benefits of advanced fiber technology.  

Made from comfortable materials these designer yoga crops will allow your legs to breath while also making ensuring a comfortable and reliable fit.  

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