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7 new yoga bras you need to see in 2016

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7 new yoga bras you need to see in 2016

7 New Yoga Bras you need to see in 2016

With 2016 now in full gear, finding the right yoga bras that work with your 2016 wardrobe can be challenging.  With everyone wearing the same brand, you want to stand out and at the same time have something that is unique, refreshing and easy to wear wherever you go.  Chill By will has created a list of 7 new yoga bras you need to see for your 2016 look. 


Yoga Sports Bras 


1.The Alive Top (White): for a perfect combination of casual and comfortable athleisure wear, the Alive Top in White is a perfect crop top for your everyday needs.  With a custom designed back to let your skin breath, the Alive top will help you stay refreshed.  

2.Alive Top (Black): Not into wearing white?  Then we still have you covered, our black Alive Top might be just the thing for you in that case.  With sleek look, this top is perfect for going out at night or an after work workout.  

3.Black Metal Gratitude Bra: Made and designed to feel comfortable the Black Metal Gratitude yoga Bra is made with 10% Lycra a synthetic fiber known for it’s incredible elasticity and comfort.  Unlike just having spandex Lycra is stronger and more durable than natural rubber, making this bra comfortable and unrestricting when you wear it.  

4.Shine Bra (white): Both Sexy and Supporting our Shine yoga Bra is designed to be both sexy and supportive.  This Deep V Bra’s design will give you all of the comfort you’re looking for without compromising on the lift it will create and offer you.  This bra will thereby offer you the coverage needed to be and feel better than ever.  Our Shine Bra is also made partially of Supplex, which offers you the feel of conventional cotton, while still offering the benefits of advanced fiber technology.  

5.Shine Bra (black): The black edition of our shine bra can also be purchased.  With it’s unique look and high quality material, this yoga bra is an ideal candidate to use in a number of different situations and activities such as yoga, spinning, jogging, at the gym or going for a walk.  

Our Shine Bras from behind

6.Silver Metal Gratitude Bra: The Silver Metal Gratitude yoga Bra is an everyday bra with a twist.  With it’s unique aesthetic, this gunmetal yoga bra can be worn comfortably under your clothes, while retaining a certain kind of shine that will make it noticeable.  With it’s front scoop neckline and sexy cross straps in the back this nylon spandex infused yoga bra might be just the thing for you.

7.Renegade Bra: Our low impact renegade yoga bra is designed to be worn in a number of ways.  Made of 90% supplex, the bra is comfortable and has incredible elasticity.  With two different color variations black and fuchsia, the renegade bra is ideal if you want to show off your sexy back, while also keeping cool during that pilates session.  

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