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Cool New Trends in 2016 for Fashion Yoga Pants

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With Summer quickly rolling in, finding the right fashion yoga pants can be a challenge. We all want something that’s comfortable, something that fits nicely and something that’s also trendy.  That’s why Chill By Will has compiled a list of our top crops and leggings to help you find the right athleisure wear that you’ll need going into the summer season.

1.Love Crop (Charcoal) -- With it’s gathered waistband, which falls on the hips at just the right spot, Our Love Crop fashion yoga pants creates a smoother, more refined and softer line.  In addition, our signature Chill By Will Mesh Insert adds the perfect slimming quality to this crop to make you have that perfectly sleek and rounded look.  These Love Crops are treated to enhance the soft feel and overtime will come to fit to you to create a one of a kind look.


2.Life Legging - With it’s camo look and aesthetic, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go with these camo yoga leggings.  The Life Legging is designed as a pair of fashion yoga pants, which will get you noticed everywhere and can be worn everywhere as well.  With our signature gathered waistband and Chill By Will mesh insert, you’ll be able to wear this bold look, while feeling comfortable and looking great at the same time.


3. Love Crop (Pink Ombre) - designed for running, spinning, gym, dance and yoga, this unique and one of a kind Pink Ombre Love crop will have you covered.  With it’s awesome color texture, soft silky feel and form fitting aesthetic, you’ll know it’s right for you from the very first time you wear it.  


4.Love Crop (White Stripes): Wether it’s hanging by the pool, going to brunch with friends or a sunday drive to the beach, the White Stripes Love Crop is ideal for all of your summer needs.  With it’s hip aesthetic and unique feel, the White Stripes can be worn with a number of different looks and summer clothes.

5.Love Crop Swirl Edition: Our designer swirl styled Love Crop is known for it’s wild visual pallet and unique artistic design.  With a form fitting feel, you can easily walk through any urban city with this pair of stylish and fashionable yoga pants.  

6. Destined Short: These athletic yoga shorts with our unique waistbands are just what you need for a sunny beach run, a hot yoga class or a day of running a bunch of errands in the hot sun. Composed of 90% Spandex and 10% Lycra, our destined shorts are designed to be actively worn and comfortable regardless of the temperature.  


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