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What is athleisure wear?

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What is athleisure wear?

Not long ago, it would’ve been pretty unacceptable if you decided to wear gym clothes during other parts of your daily routine.  Nowadays, women everywhere are wearing athleisure wear in various facets of their daily lives.  From yoga, to picking up their kids from school, women are turning to athleisure wear as a go to form of comfortable daily fashion.  Now at this point you may be wondering, what is athleisure wear specifically?  The answer is simple.  Athleisure wear is comfortable, form fitting fashionable clothing that is designed for athletic activities, but can also be utilized in a number of other settings.  

As an example, where as wearing sweats may not be an acceptable or good look to have when getting lunch with your friends, athleisure wear offers a nice middle ground, between being fashion conscious, while also being comfortable and dressed to conquer any activities in your daily routine.  Initially becoming popularized by designer yoga Pants, crop leggings and tights, athleisure wear has grown to now also include yoga sports bras and tops as well as a number of other fitness related clothing.  


The Steady Rise of Athleisure Wear

This growing fashion trend has now become a commonplace in women’s clothing. Over the last few years, athleisure wear clothing has blossomed into a $35 billion dollar a year industry seemingly overnight, with a number of powerful brand names coming into the picture.  The growing trend towards athleisure wear has had so much of an impact that it has even cut into the market share of jeans sales worldwide.  

As one of the first pioneers in the athleisure wear industry with some of the most recognizably unique and radical designer yoga pants and yoga sports bras, Chill By Will has seen enormous growth in recent years.  Known for our unique and hip designer athleisure wear, which has been largely popularized by various celebrities around the world, Chill By Will has a wide selection of comfortable and stylish athleisure wear products to satisfy all our customers trendy needs.  

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